We offer music lessons using Zoom, a video conferencing app that allows for real-time communications over the internet. This conferencing solution captures high-quality video and audio, and it allows our instructors to teach an instrument to their students in real time, regardless of the location. Students can connect to their lesson via desktop, laptop, or mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, tablet, or an Android phone. The instructor will establish a secure connection and then e-mail the link to the student. Both the instructor and the student must have a high-connection (DSL or cable) in order to get the most out of a lesson. Please test your internet connection speed here.

After the lesson is completed, the instructor can record a recap of that lesson and send it to the student's personal page on our site. We also offer the ability to record each lesson for the student's musical development. Additional features include scrolling tablature, printable PDFs for the student, and access to workshops that will be offered by our very talented group of teachers.

We offer both 30 minute lessons as well as one hour lessons.

As a promotion, we are offering $29 lessons for 30 minutes and $49 lessons for one hour. Rates will be going up in the future.

Here are the principal benefits of taking online lessons:

  • Time

    Given people's busy schedules, a primary advantage is the time that is saved driving to and from the studio. In many instances, the most ideal time for a lesson is around rush hour, so why not save the hassle of sitting in traffic?
  • Convenience

    Since all that is required is an instrument, a camera-equipped computer, and a positive attitude, a lesson can be given from the comfort of your own home.
  • Accessibility

    Take your lesson from anywhere that has high-speed internet, regardless of location or time zone.
  • Quality of Instruction

    Our instructors are world-renowned and have played with some legendary musicians. They are passionate about their teaching vocation and have collectively helped countless students improve their skills. We have a system in place that we believe gets the most out our lessons.